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7 things you can do from your home that have a positive impact on the planet

If you think that your own little choices are not that important when it comes to the environment, we'll show you here how you can actually have an impact on what's happening worldwide.

We are, unfortunately, witnesses of changing weather, climate catastrophes, and polluted Earth. If you are self-conscious enough, and we believe you are, do these things and bring a positive impact on our beloved planet.

1. Think about unplugging devices and different appliances when you don't use them.

Do you really know how many appliances have you left plugged in? Many people still think that this is not a problem, yet, even turned off devices that are left plugged in draw power.

Save on energy without much effort this way.

2. Replace old windows with new and improved versions.

To create an environmentally conscious home, we must always think about energy-efficient products. When it comes to windows, it's truly important how do you maintain them with a purpose to keep heat and energy inside of your home. Did you know that you can save from $126 to even $465 a year if you replace just one window in your house? Yes, just imagine what would happen if you completely restore all of them. For this purpose, the best choice would always be PVC material with wood foils or Dali with aluminum clad. For those who have truly decided to save a lot of energy and money, an ideal solution is a Focus-PVC window that has 5 chambers. Besides saving energy, this German PVC profile is capable to provide amazing protection from burglary. Also, it's efficient when it comes to sound isolation.

3. When was the last time you've replaced or maintained old doors?

It's the same as with the windows. Replacing old doors with new ones will definitely bring a positive impact to the planet. New doors that have no thermal breaks are capable to save an amazing 35% of the total energy we use in our homes. The less energy we use, the more we care about the planet Earth. Therefore, it's a smart idea to think about renovating your home this way. For an environmentally friendly, safe, and comfortable home, choose durable and highly resistant door materials. Quality aluminum tin and pressed stirodur are amazing for thermal insulation.

4. Be sure to recycle everything you can.

We are happy to hear that more and more people all around the globe are thinking about recycling. Of course, we are well aware that not every item is completely recyclable, yet there are still plenty of things you can do that have a positive impact on our planet. Plastic, glass, and aluminum can always be recycled. What about plastic bags? Yes, you should definitely save them for recycling as well. More and more stores worldwide are now offering recycling bins for plastic bags. Be sure to check out where the nearest store with a recycling bin is and start saving our planet!

5. Think of your water usage.

Do you enjoy long hot baths? Have you heard that a full bath means that you can use an incredible amount of 70 gallons of water? Just to make a comparison - when you take a 5 or 10-minute shower, you will only spend 25 gallons of water. Besides that, it's actually healthier for your skin to take a shower than to enjoy a hot bath.

How do you do your laundry?

It's highly recommended to wait until the washing machine is full of clothes that have to be washed. Also, one simple tip for saving more water and helping our planet - turn off the faucet whenever you do some hygiene rituals, like washing your teeth or hands.

People with gardens should also think about using a watering can. We all know how much water and energy you can lose by using the hose.

6. Let's plant an orchard! Or any tree, actually.

Planting just one tree will help our air because it absorbs carbon dioxide. Trees are definitely our saviours because they protect us from pollutants and harmful chemicals found in the air. If you decide to plant just one tree, it will provide enough oxygen for four people! Wow, that's an entire family!

7. Eat less meat.

We don't say that you have to become a vegetarian. Yet, if you decide to eat less meat, you will also save water. How? For just a pound of beef, we need to produce and use 2,500 gallons of water! Deforestation is another problem. Meat production definitely affects our environment in many bad ways.

Overall, when you think about leaving a positive impact on our planet, you should always
start with yourself and your home.

And as you saw, it's not hard. Besides that, you'll create a smarter home and healthier life!

    • 5. July 2021.